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Lady Red's Cosplay
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Hey everyone I am doing a q&a video. So if you want to ask me stuff related to Cosplay or personal stuff don’t hesitate to ask.

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Found this fantastic Myrtle Snow cosplayer at ACen this year. 

Sorry if it is a shitty gif, I am still learning about gifs

I made a video and she is in it, But I also wanted to make her part a gif cause of my love of AHS:Coven. 

If you know her, please send this to her <3

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ACen thing

acen meme

What’s your name?: Red

What do you like to be called?: Red, LadyRed 

Gender?: Bigender

What’s your badge name?: LadyRedCosplay (but ill be having a staff badge)

What day are you getting there?: Thursday Morning

How long are you staying?: SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY

Will you be cosplaying? What days? As who?: Sophie Hatter, Koffing, Amethyst, 

Can i take your picture?: yeppppppppp

Who will you be hanging out with at the con?: ERRRYONE

Will you be attending raves?: YEP the soapbubble

Will you be partying at the cons?: Hell yes

Do you drink at cons?: I can not legally say 

Can i talk to you?: Yep

Can i touch you?: Not without consent 

How can i find you?:Registration booth, Yaoi/Hentai rooms, Hyatt, Embassy

Can i visit your room?: NO

Can i buy you drinks?: no

Can i give you things?: Uhm, why would you

Can i snuggle you?: With consent

Are you nice?: Yeah, but i am as sassy as a drag queen

Do you have an artist table?: nah man

If i see you, how should i get your attention?: shout AYYYYY LMAO or HEY LADYRED I AM YOUR BIGGEST FAN

Where will you be eating?: In the staff eatery

Can i come with you for food/fun/etc?: yeah, if we’re cool. 

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katyfarina whispered: You're really adorable!! I saw your amethyst cosplay and just went through the rest of your blog, super cute!!!!! I hope you do lots more cosplays!! ;u; What's the next cosplay you want to make?

:3: Let me love you. Thank you so much!
I don’t know what the next cosplay ill be doing yet. I know I am working on a Human koffing (pokemon) cosplay and ill be also working on a human glacionI know in the fall ill be having a Magenta (rocky horror) cosplay and i hope to get Little sister(bioshock), Mirai (Beyond the boundary)  and Nice from Hammatora done sometime this year


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So I want to do an ask me anything! Any questions? Put them in my ask box.
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Here is some more shots of my Amethyst shoot!!

ladyredcosplay is Amethyst

alliedkersten is the photographer

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Here is a preview of my Steven Universe shoot

ladyredcosplay as Amethyst

alliedkersten is the photographer

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Made Jess do the boob thing as Mako!

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LadyRedCosplay’s Year in Cosplay 2013 (Recap)

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Making a Con Survival Kit



What any cosplayer needs to survive a convention:


No matter how prepared I think I am for a convention I always seem to leave something important at home. To fix this I keep a small bag packed with items I know I can’t survive without in case I forget to pack them into my regular luggage.


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